NetSuite Continues as Fastest Growing Financial Management System

By Sharon Narita Fong
 in Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Sales

For the second year in a row, NetSuite is the fastest growing financial management system (FMS) vendor among the top ten global vendors. NetSuite leads both market share and revenue growth in the industry.1 NetSuite’s FMS market share grew by 46.6% and revenue grew by 53.3%, both far exceeding the closest competitor.1 Revenue was $193,149,000 in 2010 and grew to $556,284,000 in 2014.2

NetSuite’s growth can be attributed to changing market conditions and NetSuite’s unique features. The cloud has become the foundation of business strategy, and NetSuite offers the only pure cloud suite among the top 20 FMS vendors.3 Businesses are transitioning from client-server software from companies like Microsoft to new platforms created in the cloud like NetSuite.

Furthermore, NetSuite SuiteCommerce brings together retailers and e-commerce on a single platform, and this software suite is the only cloud-based solution that allows B2C and B2B merchants, manufacturers, and distributors to collaborate. NetSuite excels at streamlining processes, allowing businesses with multiple channels and locations to run complicated processes in the cloud.3

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