Verity rolled out a variety of technology and process improvements that drastically boosted a Fortune 1000 salesforce’s productivity and lead pipeline.


A Fortune 1000 technology enterprise sought assistance in improving social selling and some of their selling processes. They quickly named Verity as its key business and program management advisor for a variety of go-to-market (GTM) initiatives such as:

  • A global roll-out of LinkedIn Sales Navigator to the inside sales team to improve targeting and prospecting
  • A US roll-out of Clari to enable an improved user experience in relation to managing sales pipeline
  • A US and European roll-out of Leadspace to improve the quality of leads generated
  • A global roll-out of TAS Dealmaker for Account Planning purposes


Verity’s approach to managing these initiatives included:

  • Developing strong business rapport
  • The use of effective PMO tools and methods (i.e. SharePoint)
  • Leading and facilitating clients in terms of design, training, communications and deployment discussions
  • Accurate and timely status reporting with the use of effective dashboards


After finishing the project, we left the client with a number of new abilities and systems including:

  • Centralized Management – Ability to centrally manage and track critical program functions and tasks
  • Accurate Reporting – Ability to accurately report on status at any point in time
  • Disciplined & Rigorous Follow-Up – Attention to detail and rigorous follow up to ensure world-class design
  • Resource coordination & facilitation – Ad-hoc facilitation and co-ordination of resources to assist in defining a: solution for key design challenges, training strategy, communications strategy and deployment plan
Put Verity to Work for You
Sales Navigator allowed our client to view LinkedIn profiles to qualify, save leads and accounts, get lead recommendations, and understand ‘warm’ potential connections via the TeamLink function.
Leadspace is fully integrated within SFDC and allowed the client to find high quality prospects in accordance with pre-defined search profiles.
Clari allowed the client to drill-down on opportunities to see vital statistics on deal health. It also allows access to CRM, mail and calendar activity to simplify risk assessment.
TAS Dealmaker allowed allowed the client to record all opportunities, visualize overall account value, explore how to sell all solutions to all divisions, identify ‘white space’, record relationship levels, and view the complete account in one place.
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