Verity facilitated a carve out, company stand-up, merger, and an all-cloud ERP transformation simultaneously.


Verity Consulting was hired by a multi-tiered channel security software carve-out of a multi-billion dollar organization. The goal was to get operational on all major processes and systems required to operate and scale the company. This was a time and budget-constrained private equity-funded carve-out; the client needed to be operational on the platform within seven months of the initial application walkthrough.

Some of the steps that needed to occur included:

  • Design and implement end-to-end operations and processes for all functions in the new company, while the new organization hires and staffs key positions.
  • Migrate from both Oracle and SAP (and many other package or proprietary tools), while the former parent company moves in a different direction with competing priorities.
  • Convert from multiple disparate data stores to a single source of truth in NetSuite. Manage through multiple mock conversions as the source data changes.
  • Communicate and maintain alignment with the former parent organization, old and new employees, and a large partner and channel community.


We initially helped the company stand up their basic infrastructure that would support the operation. This was a complete cloud-based application infrastructure with four core applications, integration software, eight fit-for-function solutions, as well as single sign on integrating into NetSuite. The NetSuite application, which included advanced partner center, served as the single source of truth for all master and “long-live” data required to run the business.

The company was in the process of ramping up business owners so we architected the applications and processes to enable the NetSuite walkthrough leveraging a Waterfall Methodology. As the business owners on-boarded, we shifted to an Agile Methodology to rapidly integrate their specific functional requirements into the solution.

To maximize positive results, we designed and executed communication plans for internal and external stakeholders, implemented and facilitated a PMO structure which monitored risk, addressed security and compliance considerations, promoted communications, and escalated key issues.


We implemented standard processes and systems which enabled real-time reporting, time and expense tracking, procurement and payment functionality, and financial reporting including trend analytics (Birst) for over 120 users, 60 global partners, and 70,000 customer accounts. Overall, we helped a company migrate from disparate data sources and no processes/systems to a completely integrated end-to-end NetSuite Application environment with a closed-loop revenue process.


Verity built a completely cloud-based infrastructure by navigating and fine tuning an ecosystem for optimal performance.
Verity's waterfall methodology
Verity used an optimized, hybrid planning and delivery model for the implementation of the NetSuite ERP.
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